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Gook (2017)

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Gook (2017) boasts a socially minded. This movie is set at the beginning of the LA in the spring of 1992, two Korean American brothers owned and operated a shoe shop while maintaining a rather complex relationship with a young African American girl. Chon pulls three tasks, also starring as Eli, brother of Daniel (David so). Eli kept pushing to the shoe store to survive and the responsibility ro handed over him from their father. Daniel does not care, he is much more interested with recording performances and becoming a R & B star.

Camilla (Simon Baker) run away from school to hang out with Ellie and Daniel and help the store, something keeps from his brother Keith (Curtis Cook Jr), who stores deep hatred in his brothers. Filmed in Black and white, Chon’s Diy features reminiscent of the past Sundance films. From aesthetics and a similar situation to Kevin Smith clerks to a socially minded that is reminiscent of spike lee’s do the right thing, Chon has a clear effect in mind. At the time of 94 minutes, each moves at a steady pace, moving towards the peak that feels a little too telegraphed at times.

This action has been taken in Paramount, California. As soon as the Rodney King verdict was read, chaos broke out in nearby Compton. Free stuff south central is called a number of African-American residents around a shoe store, when looting began nearby. Although Jock has coined the history of this macro (television and radio play referee in the first chapter), the narrative continues to focus on Eli and his difficult relationship with Daniel and Kim (Sang Chun), the owner of the old Korea shop across the street that shares the future and then with the Elli family . But the central conflict concerns Eli and his growing paternal feelings toward Camilla. Becker emerged as a dynamic young actress, playing both Chun and very beautiful.

Chun was literally represented – both on television and film for some time, and clearly liked the leading role here. This is the smart presentation of a American young ambitious. Frustrated and angry in a second, the next happy and charming, Chun follows the lines between the shadows and melodrama well, so the last few scenes at least. Gook (2017) served as a perfect example (and reminder). Chun has a vision, sound and a good story to say, full of social significance and fiery feelings. This movie is worth trying and telling others.


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