Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Sept 2017)

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Sept 2017) – 20th Century Fox has released a whole new cool character poster to the next part Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Closer to the comic con promotional character posters released a few days ago, this new poster featuring the same characters, which has the same name, but different, slightly more central plot. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a follow-up to director and writer Matthew Vaughn’s adaption of the cult comic series Kingsman: the Secret Service. The 2014 film is a pleasant surprise to filmmakers around the world, because it generates a lot of positive reviews and met financial success. By presenting Tarron Egerton as a gentelment Spy, Jeff Bridges as a grumpy Boss, Channing Tatum as a token American, Mark Strong as a gadget man, Julian Moore as an eccentric villain, Halle Berry as gadget women and Colin Firth along with the fetched plot, the 20th century promised in the proper spy movie.

Here’s the official summary of Kingsman: Golden Circle (also released by 20th Century Fox): Kingsman: Secret Service presented the world to Kingsman ,  an independent international intelligence working at the highest level of discretion, which is to keep the world safe. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Sept 2017), our heroes face new challenges when their office is destroyed and the world hostage, In the new adventures that test the strength of their agents and meet the limits, both the secret organization of these elite forces to defeat the common enemy ruthless, to save the world, which has become a habit For Eggsy …

With the release of the posters, it seems as if 20th Century Fox is heavily dependent on a fan of favorite characters to encourage the public to film when the sequel arrives at theaters in September. “Eggsy” by Egreton proved to be a protagonist who is funny and an example to be followed, starring Colin Firth and Mark Strong (both) are both fun. And with the addition of talent like Tatum, Bridges, Peri and Moore, this character can certainly be a strong point for francise yet again. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Sept 2017) is scheduled originally June 16, 2017, but it was moved to September 29, 2017 in the UK and October 6, 2017 in the United States but eventually moved a week into the final zone of release. The date of its new launch is Sept. 20 in the United Kingdom and September 22 in the United States. The movie will contain the Emax and 3D versions.

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