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Leap (2017)

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Leap (2017) is an animated movie made in 1879 Paris, where tween pal or orphan Felicie (expressed by Elle Fanning) and Victor (Nat Wolf) all worked to make their dreams come true. They fled to Paris from a tight orphanage in Brittany and faced some difficult situations such as moving the streets of the big city to find shelter and opportunities and escape the angry adults who pose a danger to them. Felicie pretends to be someone she is not, there is the irony from a fellow tween and characters experience lots of physical comedy and injury that played for humor. Expect something of romance: obviously a boy has feelings for a girl, there is some kiss on his cheek and a little friend / girlfriend and dating. Scenes occurs in pubs where adults drink. The language of insults such as “rats”, “beggar”, and a few jokes about bad breath, pee and fart. The story must lead to a positive conversation story about talent that requires perseverance, dedication, ballet, Paris, the origin of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

This ballet story in Leap (2017) was animated partly inspired and also partly confusing, with one step (like non-essential romance) that could be fixed had the tween protagonists been a couple of year old. Felicie is not always lovable or praiseworthy (someone’s identity is stolen to reach the entrance to the prestigious ballet school, although there is no basic dance training), but she is still do the job. Although it is still very hard to believe that someone could learn a lot of classical ballet to overcome the entire category of 11 year old girl who has been dancing for years, at least it is eventually to face the consequences of her actions and prove she is actually got this goods.

Fanning is nicely excited as Felicie and Wolff does a good with Victor, the best and clever friend. And Jepso (whose speaking voice like Idina Menzel) believing in the realization of Odette, Felicie Ballet mentor orinstructor. With a familiar theme of Karate Kid (jump up and knock the bell) and even the Titanic (especially the strange love triangle, a bit disgusting, arranging Felicie dancing dance irish jig style at the pubĀ  and the time a nice boy mentioned that they’re “on top of the world”), the story in this Leap (2017) movie is a little “Old” revolves around 11 year old characters.

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