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The Beguiled (2017)

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The Beguiled (2017) is written and directed by sophia coppola. This movie starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Eli Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, Angora Rice and Ona Lawrence. This movie tells At a girls’ school in Virginia during the civil war, where young women were protected from the outside world, a soldier from the wounded union was brought. Immediately, the house was taken with sexual tension, competition, unexpected transformation of events. All the girls were thrown for a loop when the union Corporal John McParney is found fled from battle and wounded in the forest by Amy on her mushrooms picking route.

Although John fought for the enemy, the women took him and gave him hospitality by taking care of his wounds. However, suffering from loneliness, sexual oppression, sexually awakened, protected lifestyle as a whole because of people who fought in the civil war, a woman began to develop a relationship with the army, while shamelessly began to treat him refer to his own lust. So far, the whole opposite of the feminist film industry has been deceived, but this is a depiction necessary to show how devious and deceptive John acted. In addition, it is impossible to blame all women considering all men do not fight. To John’s defends, a house where every adult woman who sees he wants to feel sexually like the sky after almost dying in battle.

There are no slaves at the plantation and everyone has the right to interpret the creative decisions they wants. However, those who refused to watch the film with the impression that Sophia Coppola is racist is really a social agenda that prevents criticism of the film. The Beguiled (2017)  is also a civil war film without any fighting, but who cares? Coppola wants to re-deceive as a motif gender studies gender that reflects the main male character, paving the way for a very encouraging feminist experience. This film is not there to issue a political statement about race or slavery. Sure, it’s a bit slow when you open the work (movie revealed as a stage of the game) and the characterization of some women may be understandable given the only woman who really suffers from severe emotional rot is Edwina. Beyond that, the charms and burns that are slow with Sophia Coppola have he finger on the pulse at all times with a laser focus on the general canvas. Even when the genres ranging from paper drama / comedy / horror movies, she did not lose the sharpness of a socially relevant gothic livelihood.

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