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Review of Logan Lucky (2017)

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Logan Lucky (2017) – First screenwriter Rebecca Blunt grew up in West Virginia where this movie is made, so it may be understood that the film has a slope and is very optimistic. But nothing without Soderbergh’s interpretation and his clear affection for these characters reminds us of the low-ocean copy film. The title refers to, paradoxically, the three brothers who decide to change their lives when they hatch a plan to rob the Charlotte motor speedway. Channing Tatum (Mike Magic) plays Jimmy Logan, a coal miner and washed up a high school football champion. Adam Driver (Girls, Patterson) plays Clyde, a war veteran who tends to be armed with one local bar, while Riley Coo (comes in at night) is Mellie, their hairdresser’s sister.

It seek the help from safe exiles called Joe Bang, a tattooed prisoners in the local prisons played by Daniel Craig with broken pieces of platinum cutting cut pieces. This is a show of thieves from Craig, who has moved with serenity and threat fighter award, but not much of a clumsy slumbstick slap. This arrangement shows a doomed American fable of loaded dice and working class martyr, but something unexpected appears. Logan Lucky is a celebration of the American soul as a critique. It will embrace the certain aspects of American pride, if not nationalism, which means that the scene featuring Lynn Rimes pop star overrun ” America the Beautiful ” ​​to crowd on the race day was no less valuable than trying to ring the event dodged. ,

The Logan Lucky (2017) draws a line between the strong belief in America of an idea and disappointment with America as an economy. A handwritten note on the wall in a Jimmy trailer that reads, “Do not be greedy” like a statement. It is important that the closest thing to the villain in the film is not the Hilary Swank’s FBI agent, but celebrity Jeremy Clarkson played by Seth McFarlane is almost unknown in mustache and crepe wool. Elsewhere, people tend to tolerate. That said, not as an example of the latest working-class white films like Hell or High Water, Lucky Logan is not a movie beset by nostalgia.  Even in the peak scene when Jamie’s 10-year-old daughter sang the country roads John Denver to the crowd in appreciation who began singing together, the joy of lyrics soon gave way to the film’s otherwise forward momentum.

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