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Rememory (2017)

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Rememory (2017) is a drama movie that tells about a man with a turbulent past who stumble. He discovery the man who died under the curious circumstances and then uses it in order to solve a mystery. For most of us, the possibility of being able to access all the memory that we have ever will be very difficult to miss as quickly as possible, what would you do with them, or worse, what others might do if they did? This is the premise of the latest crime film Marc Balanski Rememory, a truly wonderful caber with some new ideas not always played by conventions.

Sam Bloom is an architect who suffers under the dark past burden and was a driver in a car accident many years ago that took his rock star life brother. Sure, it’s left him feel guilty, but what worse is the lost memories of something his brother had said as he was dying in Sam’s hands. His face to the latest discovery news about Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan), a machine that can record someone’s memories, so attended the lecture saw the results, but that night Dan died in a very suspicious situation. It seems to be a natural cause. As the mystery unfolds, Sam decides to steal the machine and do his own dig, hoping to use the machine to clean his past while studying what really happened to Dunn, although someone is approaching.

Rememory is not what it seems like he resolutely refuses to play as the expected sci-fi that seems built for. This is not a great acrion thriller work, but rather than the detective mystery focuses on investigating the visual pieces based on the effects and in the heart of Plum who is a smart and insightful gumshoe type that with this device will produce great TV.

Rememory (2017) is a tense thriller, although the film is mostly based on dialogue with little action. It is a proof of how well the film is written (Mark Balanski writing stories along with Mike Vokadinovich), because it left the trappings of the genre and even makes it a story based on the letters, there are many of them, reasonably psychologically effective perpetuates because of ambiguity. Many of the clips that randomly run as we explore people’s memories are the most emotional moments in the film, and it helps to count on the story. The lesson here is clear enough, but never really becomes a point because it is more about disintegration and the value of memories of takeaway. Smart and wonderful experience, this is an easy recommendation.

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