The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) Review

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) is a violent, swearing full of comedy about two men who were skilled with guns, but for a different reason: Samuel Jackson plays a role as a famous man, while Ryan Reynolds acts as a bodyguard. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of gun use; wish to exchange fire with automatic or semi-automatic weapons, explosions, close up fighting or killing and a very large number of bodies. But, thanks to the stars, there is also a lot of humor also condemned uncompromising, especially “F-K” and “motherf — er”. There is a fundamental theme of collective action and redemption, but also includes a disturbing conspiracy plot related to the Belarusian dictator of genocide (Gary Oldman) who is supposed to witness Jackson. The tyrant is known for committing widespread murder of any man, women, or children who are considered enemies. Some scenes show drinking, kissing, and the remains of a woman’s body, but violence and language is the key issue here.

Comedy does not have to be done by force and has an uneven tone, but it cannot deny the comic joking between Reynolds and Jackson. If there is only a little less bloodthirsty and body counting is not too much, The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) can be a great example of a odd couple comedy. No one’s performance is a stretch: Jackson is the a foul-mouthed, eyebrow,raising assasin who justifies his work, a role that has been perfected since the core of fiction, while Reynolds is the guardian of a very sharp tounged and very detailed body guard cannot stop talking. No suprises there, but ther was no guarantee two stars will click which is right in it.

The rest of the The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) is supported by a cute supporting turn from Hayek, who plays Kincaid’s beloved Sonia. She called  her husband Cucaracha (“cockroaches”) because he was basically “not censored”. She’s right. The sequence of action is almost non-stop, and shows all how Kincaid is the grim reaper, but with a rifle instead of a sickle. Parts of the movie featuring dictator Oldman’s irredeemable ditactor, Dukhovich, less funny and must be accompanied by a warning triggers. A leader who killed his wife and child in front of him and be responsible for a very frightening and realistic genocide bit at a time when you’d be forgiven for hope comedy friends will prove to be a pure escapism.

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