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The predator (2018)

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The Predator (2018) will return to the air on the big screen in 2018 and this time will be directed by Shin Black. The film was rerun from a classic 80s movie the last time Adrian Prodi was shown who had to fight through the jungle to avoid the most dangerous predators on Earth. For this movie re-running Stirling K. Brown (Black Panther), Jacob Trimblay (room), Keegan Michael Ki (Keanu), Olivia Moon (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Boyd Holbrooke (Gold Girl). The film itself pretends to be a new film, and will not follow previous films, and even feature figure Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Predator is a movie of this kind Hollywood action, adventure, horror. The film stars the Predator like Trivand Rhodes as (Williams), Niall Mater as (Sapir), Crystal Modry as (security guard), Paul Lazneby as Baker and Andre Genkis as LT. The 20th-century Predator film on Predator will be screened and released on August 03, 2018 (USA). The Predator (2018) will be told about a team of special elite forces on a mission to rescue Sander from the Central American guerrilla region. And then the elite team will continue to reach Central America? The rescue mission of six teams – Alan Datch Schaefer, Mac Elliot, Billy Sol, Blaine Cooper, Jorge Ramirez and Rick Hawkins – are CIA envoys who must carry out rescue missions in the remote Val Verde area.

The Predator (2018) film is told that the CIA entered the desert to begin their mission. They quickly found a piece of helicopters and three human skeletons that turned out to be part of their corps. When depression begins, both the intelligence and the Soviet are killed, until the rebels named Anna are captured by them. At the same time they do not realize that there are invisible creatures that watch their girls through the emergence of heat sensors. In the end, the Dutch had to deal with the creature very quickly by staining the body with clay to dissipate the heat so that it could not be detected. He then created his own game by making some pitfalls that he hoped would destroy the robot predator. The Dutch were able to carry out their task, taking over the power of predators and weakening them. The Dutch are still curious about the killer’s face, trying to get a closer look, but the predator refreshes its own destructive mode to explode. The Dutch finally won, and General Phillips met and looked for Anna who was already in their helicopters. What is the story like? Watch it my complete movie to find the answer.


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