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Venom (2018)

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Venom (2018) – After news revealed that Sony has the plan to make solo film, the talk quickly turned into any version of the character that we would see as well as who would play him. Although many heroes and villains Venom symbiote in a comics, Sony chose to go with Eddie Brock. The original venom and the first to give symbiote after Spider Man threw it away; Brock will be revived by the actor Tom Hardy’s honor (inception, Dunkirk). The casting has won praise from the fans and persuaded many of these films to be on track.

Despite being the protagonist of the film, Venom follows the line between heroes and criminals. Although he certainly helped fight the biggest threat, he stays constant at the Spider-Man’s Rogue Show. Thus, the enemy facing him in his first film must be more dangerous than himself. Not surprisingly, the villain is carnage. More than just the red Venom, the carnage symbiote and the serial killer that wear it are far more crazy than anti hero films. With a sadistic personality and power venom doesn’t have Carnage  will put Brock’s heroic side to the test.

It appears that Riz Ahmed was in talks with Sony Studios about whether to play the main villain od venom movie, the carnage. Riz is famous for his role in the HBO’s the Night and Rogue One: a Star Wars story. The Venom (2018) story is still widely in the air. We know that Hardy will be Eddie Brock, which means that his background as a humiliating journalist can be part of the plot. We also know that he will find venom symbiote, although its last contact with Spider-Man us unknown. The venom is also bound to spend a lot of time in the Kletus Cassidy, as the venom symbiote birth carnage while serial killer sis in prison with Brooke. Beyond that, we can only guess what the story this film will tell.

Tackling the Venom (2018) script is a pair of experienced writers in genre films. Jeff Pinkner is known for his work on programs such as Lost and fringe, but he also writes stories and scenes for the amazing Spider Man 2. Later this year, his work will also be exhibited in The Dark Tower. Scott Rosenberg has long worked with Pinkner. They share writing tasks in the zoo series and they both write new Jumanji scripts. Rosenberg’s past work at cone Air and gone in 60 seconds was also helpful when creating the Venom work scene.


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