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Wind River (2017)

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Wind River (2017) opens up to white and cold, the scene of destruction. A group of wolves stares indifferently at a flock of goats very pale that mixes in Wyoming snow. By this time every nature documentary film taught us to expect the wolf to dash and walk with its bleating lunch decorating between its teeth and we hear gunshots. The wolf lies in the red pool, a staining color on an otherwise monochrome landscape. A professional animal tracker, Cory Lambert (Jeremy Rainer) works by farmers to protect cattle from prey. By patiently looking at the tracks in the snow, Lambert can throw Black Mountain and wolves. Less easy to capture the human prey power such as poverty, lack of opportunity, violence, depression, sadness, drug addiction, suicide and sexual violence that devour almost every character in the American Indian reservation where the wind river is set.

While Lambert cannot use his tracking skills to destroy key social constraints, he does what he can. After tracking the wolf, Lambert further trail in the snow. This time, the trail does not lead to predators but to a teenage girl, frozen in a cool place. As the autopsy shown, the girl was raped and ran barefoot in the snow until her lungs filled with cold air and exploded. Unfortunately, this is a scene Lambert is familiar. He and his ex-wife, an American Indian from the River Wind, lost their teenage daughter the same way four years ago. Lambert reports his findings once again on the law enforcement reservation. There are no wails; there are no grasp of surprise. Instead, it seems to be keen on getting the wrinkles on the police chief. For young people who died in the Wind River reservation is not surprising and this is the appalling part of the story.

For the rest of the Wind River (2017) film, Lambert helps with the efforts of the rising FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen). Together they convey the terrain of misery and evil. Effectively, the girl’s father was killed and her two children lost. Others, as we see in detail when Lambert and Jane visited the home of relatives of isolated victims, for drug addiction. In the Wind River, you will have to watch, you’ll have to listen. After all, as extreme and annoying as the events portrayed in the wind river, they are not imaginary. It was a plot inspired by real events.

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