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Wonder 2017 –  Wonder is a new movie in 2017. This drama has drama, Family genre. Further, this movie comes from America. The drama is directed by a director who has name Stephen Chbosky. And then for the script is written by Steve Conrad. The film is adapted based on a novel by R.J. Palacio. The film will be produced by Michael Beugg, David Hoberman, Dan Clarke, Michael Paseornek, Todd Lieberman, and Alexander Young.

The Wonder 2017 Movie is produced by Lionsgate Film Production House, Participant Media, Mandeville Films. And it will be distributed by Lionsgate, Eagle Films, StudioCanal, Belga Films, Mongkol Major, GEM Entertainment. The film is planned premiere release on 7 April 2017 (USA). Thats way it has released if you look at the date at this time. As you kno that in the beginning of the release, this film, wonder, use the English language as the main language.

May be all you have not already known the story of this film, here the sort review that you can read in order to give you know part of those film. The film actually tell a story about a boy born in a defective face condition. He is destined to fit in with his new school. Furthermore, he tries to make everyone understand that he is like any other child, only he does not have the beauty of a childlike face in general.

The boy has name August “Auggie” Pullman. He is a 10 year old boy, living on the North River plateau of Manhattan. He had a facial abnormality that left him with a mandibulofacial disposition that required him to undergo a number of operations and his mother had been forced to provide schooling at home, until one day his parents decided to include him at Beecher PRep school, a private school to begin his education in the fall .

In this movie, wonder 2017, Auggie with her mother visited Beecher and went to see the principal. Tushman along with three other students namely Jack Will, Julian Albans and Charlotte Cody. Despite having a frightening abnormality for children his age, Auggy got used to his condition and started enjoying his school days. Julian, who was disgusted by Auggie’s presence, often made painful acts to him. He continues to baffle Auggie and hate him, which is obvious from the way he sees Auggie.

That’s all for a short explanation. For more story of this movie, you can watch by yourself. Just enjoy your watching and have a nice story of this film.

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